The software of industrial automation

With GooMix it is possible to manage a complete production process at 360°.



Within this section the user can manage production plans and management information preparatory to the sale and final transport of the product (billing, orders, etc.).
The integration of these informations allow the complete management of a plant.


Production Management

With GooMix it is possible to manage a complete production process at 360°:
– configure the system
– manage the materials available
– configure the formulas
– run and monitor dosing and mixing formulas
– manage the distribution of the newly mixed elements in different containers
– manage reporting


Plant Management

Here it’s possible to configure all the components that are part of a system, including the logic flow and the parameterizations necessary for the communication between the platform and the PLC control system.

The workflow is achieved by dragging the desired elements and linking them together. There are no limitations on the number of connectable elements.



GooMix handles the SCADA visualizations in a deeply customizable mode.

Every user can have one or more customized views in sequence. More production operations can be monitored at the same time.


The Formulas

All necessary materials to be used in the formulas are recorded, whether they are inert, colours, additives etc. Each function is managed by user profiling which allows specific users to be enabled for various activities.

It is possible to manage the formulas, whether they are created within the program or that are loaded using the Recipe Lab module. You can specify the dosing sequence, the control parameters and the specific data for the type of production (consistency, resistance code for building materials, etc.).



It’s possible to generate various production reports, both detailed and summarized, in a time period that can be defined by the user.