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Goomix - The software of industrial automation

GooMix is the digital manufacturing software for the industry specialized in the dosing and mixing of materials.
It’s the first innovative SCADA platform (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) WEB made in Italy which allows the interactive monitoring of all the production plants that provide for dosing, mixing and distribution of

Aggregates Animal FeedConcreteInerts (building materials) – PastaPharmaceutical productsWater treatmentFluids in general



1. Reduction of system configuration times

2. User experience easy and intuitive

3. Innovative web technology

4. Optimized production of reports

The software

With Goomix its possible to control and monitor any kind of plant controlled by PLC. The front end is developed in AngularJs while the backend in  C#, the two platforms communicate in RESTful.



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